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Longevity Publishing wishes all our customers a warm and happy holiday season!

Hoping that 2018 will be a peaceful and prosperous year for all.

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In September, 2017, I received an email with this statement.

“I absolutely love your books. My niece used Two Plus Two Is Not Five, and it massively helped her. I am so thankful for your books.”

Yesterday, November 28th, I received another email from a California homeschool mom, and she wrote,  “I was so excited, that I purchased it Sunday, couldn’t wait for Cyber Monday. I will be sharing your website with other homeschool families that we fellowship with.”

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Free Shipping now on U.S. purchases of $20 or more!

Longevity Publishing is offering free shipping through January 1, 2018. But don’t wait to order. December vacation time is a perfect time to get started on using the math facts program to teach math facts to your children. If you are a classroom teacher, you will have time to prepare lessons using these unique workbooks.

Each workbook comes with instructions, strategies, record-keeping pages, answer pages, lots and lots of practice and review worksheets and more! 

The workbooks give you permission to make copies for your home, homeschool, or classroom. 

  • View sample pages on this website. 
  • Read about the different tricks and strategies in the Blog. 
  • See our free tips to teach math facts.

Note: Children need to show understanding of what the math facts means before we give them a way to memorize the answers. 
Example: If they can count on fingers or draw a picture to show 6 + 8 =14, and they already know 7+7 is 14, then let them see how “Number in the Middle” strategy will help them remember 14 as the answer. Then no more counting on fingers!




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This is a repeat of an earlier post. To see examples of sample workbook pages introduce the 2 Ladder strategy visit:

Reminder: Before asking children to memorize answers to math facts, be sure that they can demonstrate what the math fact means.

Once children can count by 2s to at least ten, teach them these addition facts:

2+4, 4+2, 6+2, 6+2, 2+8, 8+2

Tell them to think of going up a ladder with two feet. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.
Draw a ladder and show the numbers going up by 2’s.

Ask: What comes after the 2 when counting by 2’s? 2+2 = 4
What comes after the 4 when counting by 2’s? 4+2 = 6
What comes after the 6 when counting by 2’s? 6+2 = 8
What comes after the 8 when counting by 2’s? 8+2 = 10
Let them discover that a number +2 is the same answer as 2+ a number.
(2+4, 2+6, 2+8)

Once the children are comfortable with these math facts, have them learn to count backwards by 2’s from 10.
10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 0
This will allow them to learn the related subtraction facts. (10-2, 8-2, 6-2, 4-2)
To teach 10-2, ask what comes under the 10 when counting down by 2’s on the 2 ladder.
For 8-2: What comes under the 8 when counting down by 2’s
For 6-2: What comes under the 6 when counting down by 2’s
For 4-2: What comes under the 8 when counting down by 2’s

View more sample pages from Two Plus Two Is Not Ten: Easy Methods to Learn Addition and Subtraction.

2-Ladder Count by 2s

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I typically check to see the rankings for my five books. I also note the number of testimonials that have been sent to Amazon for that particular title. In the last few months, several new ones have popped up! Watch for my next post on testimonials for Five Times Five Is Not Ten!

Two Plus Two Is Not Five, my math facts workbook that teaches addition and subtraction math facts, now has 52 testimonials. These were sent in by teachers, parents, tutors, and even grandparents! 77% of those received a 5 star review! Here are the latest ones:

By RonB on September 3, 2017:

This is a fantastic book to teach site math. I am 67 years old & we were taught to memorize the basic math and be able to answer it right away. My grandkids were not able to do this. We drilled them with this book’s guidance daily & they were spitting out the answers lickety split!

By A K ERMIAS on July 12, 2017

My son is four years old and I have thought to expose him to simple addition and started using this book. All I say is, this book is amazing. He is improving daily and cruising. The repletion exercises are also helping him to consolidate what he has learned already. I wholeheartedly recommend this book. I could not have been any more satisfied.

By Marama Curness on June 25, 2017

This has been a fantastic book very easy to use! I would recommend to everyone with children learning basic facts.

Clever Way to Add and Subtract for Kids
By Katherine Chan TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on January 17, 2013

I have two preschoolers, and I can’t be more pleased with the way Two Plus Two is not Five introduces math to them. Similar to Kumon (and quite possibly better than), Two Plus Two works in progressions and slowly gets harder as a new concept is introduced. The pages can be torn out to be written on, or you can photocopy the pages to keep the book intact. One thing I really like about the Two Plus Two workbook as opposed to the Kumon workbooks is that there are no “unnecessary pages”. Kumon beginning adding books seem to all start with writing out your number pages, number connect the dot pages, and the like. While this workbook is more bland looking (there are no cut images of animals or boats or the like), the concepts are spot on and direct. For younger kids, this may be something of a turn off, however, you could always break a page down into two projects for the kids, or have them do only a few problems at a time until they can complete a page.

There is no adding or subtracting of two double digit numbers (10+25 or 20-12 equations), but there are plenty of adding and subtracting of double digit numbers with single digit numbers. There are also a lot of tricks to adding and subtracting, many of which I never learned and found were really helpful! This is a wonderful book for any kid who needs a little more help on math at school, or for home schooling kids. Highly recommended.


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I was in a deli and saw three sizes of plastic containers on the counter, labeled: 1 pound, 1/2 pound, and 1/4 pound. It was to let you know when you order take-out of potato salad, or cold slaw, or other items, about how much you were getting in that container, and for the purpose of pricing, the weights.  I tried to “Do the Math” and asked the owner. He confirmed that was how the items would be priced. I said, if I fill the largest container with a lightweight item such as cotton balls, there is no way that container would weigh one pound. I was trying to explain to him that I wouldn’t expect to pay for a full “pound” size of say cold slaw which would weigh less than a full “pound” size of potato salad. It seems to me that once the “pound” size container was filled, it should then be weighed, if in fact he is charging “by the pound.”

What I think he was meaning to show is that 16 oz of something would fill a “pound” container that large. But, I don’t know if he realizes that each 16 oz filled container will weigh a different amount based on which food item is in it. The owner really needs to “Do the Math!”

Since I wasn’t buying anything by the pound, I didn’t pursue this, but really, I do not think I would purchase food from him by the pound!

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First of all, to Lisa, thank you for your 5-star review on Two Plus Two Is Not Five. I am glad you like the workbook. In reply to her question, and to anyone else who wonders about measuring success using timed math fact tests, I’d ask first, how many problems are on a page for a two-minute test, and how many should students typically get correct in that 2 minute time period?

I am not in favor of timed math facts tests unless the children have already mastered the facts, otherwise it can be frustrating, and they wind up taking the time to count answers. Other students write slower than others. See my comments on timed tests on this website.

If, you use one of the cumulative pages from my book, Cumulative Practice 2+2 then that would be a good way to measure progress. There are usually 56 problems on one of those pages, so now sure how many are on the pages you have used in the past for timed math fact tests. Also, tell your students to only answer the ones that they know and to skip over the ones they don’t know. If you are using my book, then most likely there will be very few that they think they don’t know.

Another way to check students is to use flash cards. The instructions in the workbook talk about assigning math cards for the newly taught math facts.

If you have more questions, please do contact me by email from this website.


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Both Two Plus Two Is Not Five and Five Times Five Is Not Ten for only $26!

Do you need good workbooks to help children learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts? Get this low pricing for brand new copies of Two Plus Two Is Not Five and Five Times Five Is Not Ten.  Be sure to choose the scuffed* option.  Scuffed* workbooks may have bent corners, or look handled from shipping, but are otherwise perfect on the inside.

Do the Math and you will see that buying scuffed* copies of these two books is nearly the same price as purchasing Two Plus Two Is Not Five. These workbooks are reproducible. Make as many copies as you need for your class or home.

Purchase copies of both books with a slightly scuffed* or damaged book cover, and pay only $26.00 for both!

Perfect copies of Two Plus Two Is Not Five are priced at $24.95. By choosing the scuffed* copies, for $1.05 more +shipping, you will receive both Two Plus Two Is Not Five AND Five Times Five Is Not Ten. This is a huge bargain! Some customers and teachers have been purchasing one per student rather than bothering to make copies.

Five Times Five Is Not Ten: Make Multiplication Easy

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New testimonial!

“I needed a program that focused on retention and reinforcement, because my son was still counting on his fingers in 2nd grade. We started with the 1st book, and are now in the 3rd book, which is multiplication. My son said, “Mom, this is so easy!” He can do a page so fast, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how these books are written. They focus on making math fun and easy, and my child knows his math facts from memory…no more counting on fingers. I am forever grateful that these books are written by another teacher who knew first-hand how kids learn math!”

Donna, Lafayette, LA

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Come visit Booth 419 at the Christian Home Educators
of Colorado Rocky Mountain Homeschool Conference

Denver Merchandise Mart
451 E 58th Ave
Denver, CO
June 15-17, 2017

Purchase books or ask for tips on how to teach math facts. These unique math workbooks were written by an experienced special education teacher to help all children memorize and master math facts.

I will be there to show you strategies from my books; how Addition and Subtraction: Beyond Math Facts can be used with Two Plus Two Is Not Five; and how my newest book, Ten Divided by Five Is Not Five: Using Multiplication to Make Division Easy, can be used with Five Times Five Is Not Ten.

Learn an easy way to help children learn math facts so they really remember those answers.
When you purchase a book, ask to have it signed for your children!

The books are reproducible, so you only need one copy for  your homeschool.
Here is what some other homeschool families said:

3/30/17 – I needed a program that focused on retention and reinforcement, because my son was still counting on his fingers in 2nd grade. We started with the 1st book, and are now in the 3rd book, which is multiplication. My son said, “Mom, this is so easy!” He can do a page so fast, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how these books are written. They focus on making math fun and easy, and my child knows his math facts from memory…no more counting on fingers. I am forever grateful that these books are written by another teacher who knew first-hand how kids learn math! Donna, Lafayette, LA
1/30/17 – As a homeschool mom of four, I am always looking for the best way to teach my kids who all have different learning styles. I came across these math drill workbooks a couple of years ago when my oldest was struggling to memorize addition math facts. Since then, we have worked through addition, multiplication, and are now on the division workbook! The tricks are easy for them to remember and the daily drill practice is just perfect! Grateful we found them when we did! Sharae, A happy homeschool mom
7/16/15 – We got your program Tuesday and started right away. My daughter loves it. I think she has a whole new outlook on math. She will not dread having to do it next year and will not call herself stupid anymore. You are a miracle worker. I’m sure we will need the division book soon. As soon as, we finish addition, we are moving to multiplication. Thank you so much. One very happy mom! Stella Rodriguez
6/20/15 – We purchased 2+2 Is Not Five and have found it to be incredibly valuable to us. It gave us helpful tools to teach our children how to calculate math problems in their heads. Justin and Carla Neal (CHEC)

6/19/15 – After having used one of the more popular math courses, I needed a bridge to allow my child to master his math facts. 2+2 Is Not Five was the bridge I needed. Thank you so much! Anna, Homeschool mom of four boys. (CHEC)
11/25/14 – Five Times Five Is Not Ten is fun because it’s easy. I don’t usually need help, and it shows me how to do times tables easily. You can learn a lot about times tables in this book. Kailey E. Learley, 10 years old
6/15/13 – Testimonial received for Two Plus Two Is Not Five when I was at the CHEC Homeschool conference: We are a homeschooling family and enjoy working a page a day along with our other math curriculum to keep the facts fresh in our children’s minds. The tricks they have learned have stuck with them and Mom has even learned a few! Morgan 5 Homeschool

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Longevity Publishing
I absolutely love your books. My niece used Two Plus Two Is Not Five, and it massively helped her. I am so thankful for your books.
Longevity Publishing Crane

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Longevity Publishing's books are perfect for differentiation. Lessons can be easily individualized for different learning abilities.

Parents, teachers, special education and math resource teachers, and homeschool educators will see that the clean design will appeal to both younger and older students.

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