Friday, Mar 23rd 2018

I recently spoke with Carolyn, owner at Excellence in Education, in Monrovia, California. Carolyn has been ordering my math workbooks since 2011, and she wanted to post testimonials about my books. I told her that I recently received a new testimonial, and would send her an updated list of them soon. When I looked in my folder of collected testimonials and reviews, I realized I was behind in posting them! I added three more to the Testimonial page at this site, and even more to my catalogs that go to stores that sell my books.

Even though the workbooks are available for purchase through my website, I hope you will support your local educational stores and bookstores. If they don’t carry my titles, request them!

A tip: If your child, for example, is giving the answer, 2,  to the math fact 3 + 5, ask them if it is possible. Can 3 take away, or subtract, 5? Let them use counters for this or tell a word math. Perhaps they are just confusing the addition and subtraction signs. If this is a common problem, subtracting instead of adding, or the reverse, then consider these things:

  1. Do they understand what add and subtract each mean?
  2. Can they identify the signs for addition and subtraction?  –   +
  3. Have them circle all the subtraction and addition signs before they answer the math fact. This will help them pay attention to detail.
  4. Only after children can show what a math fact means, should they be taught how to memorize the answers.  If a child cannot figure out the answer to 8+6, I would not teach them to remember 14 using the “Number in the Middle” strategy. *For how to teach this strategy and others, do a search on this site!  

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I have a 9 year-old daughter going through the multiplication book like a champ, and ditto on my 6 year-old son with the addition book!  I assign them one page a day in addition to their math curriculum and it's working perfectly. Couldn’t be more pleased!
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