Monday, Feb 19th 2018

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Longevity Publishing is offering free shipping through January 1, 2018. But don’t wait to order. December vacation time is a perfect time to get started on using the math facts program to teach math facts to your children. If you are a classroom teacher, you will have time to prepare lessons using these unique workbooks.

Each workbook comes with instructions, strategies, record-keeping pages, answer pages, lots and lots of practice and review worksheets and more! 

The workbooks give you permission to make copies for your home, homeschool, or classroom. 

  • View sample pages on this website. 
  • Read about the different tricks and strategies in the Blog. 
  • See our free tips to teach math facts.

Note: Children need to show understanding of what the math facts means before we give them a way to memorize the answers. 
Example: If they can count on fingers or draw a picture to show 6 + 8 =14, and they already know 7+7 is 14, then let them see how “Number in the Middle” strategy will help them remember 14 as the answer. Then no more counting on fingers!




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I absolutely love your books. My niece used Two Plus Two Is Not Five, and it massively helped her. I am so thankful for your books.
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Longevity Publishing's books are perfect for differentiation. Lessons can be easily individualized for different learning abilities.

Parents, teachers, special education and math resource teachers, and homeschool educators will see that the clean design will appeal to both younger and older students.

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