Monday, Feb 19th 2018

Both Two Plus Two Is Not Five and Five Times Five Is Not Ten for only $26!

Do you need good workbooks to help children learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts? Get this low pricing for brand new copies of Two Plus Two Is Not Five and Five Times Five Is Not Ten.  Be sure to choose the scuffed* option.  Scuffed* workbooks may have bent corners, or look handled from shipping, but are otherwise perfect on the inside.

Do the Math and you will see that buying scuffed* copies of these two books is nearly the same price as purchasing Two Plus Two Is Not Five. These workbooks are reproducible. Make as many copies as you need for your class or home.

Purchase copies of both books with a slightly scuffed* or damaged book cover, and pay only $26.00 for both!

Perfect copies of Two Plus Two Is Not Five are priced at $24.95. By choosing the scuffed* copies, for $1.05 more +shipping, you will receive both Two Plus Two Is Not Five AND Five Times Five Is Not Ten. This is a huge bargain! Some customers and teachers have been purchasing one per student rather than bothering to make copies.

Five Times Five Is Not Ten: Make Multiplication Easy

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I absolutely love your books. My niece used Two Plus Two Is Not Five, and it massively helped her. I am so thankful for your books.
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